The Area


Loutraki is 85 km away from Athens. The visitor has a lot of options for entertainment and outings. In the area of thermal springs, you meet the holy church of  Saint Andrew, built in 1345 from Ioannis Katakouzinos.

On the Mount Geraneia there is the monastery of Saint Patapios which was built in the XI century. It is suspended to the steep mountain ridge, offering a spectacular view of the Corinthian and the Saronic Gulfs.


At a distance of 14 km you meet the Lake of Vouliagmeni, a small blue lake, which is by the sea just a few meters and communicates with it through a narrow channel.

The area will carry you with its colours and serenity, and after swimming you can enjoy dining at the lakeside taverns and up by visiting the archaelogical site of Heraion, just 2km away.

& Acrocorinth

On your way to the city of Corinth (4km away), you can visit the archaeological site of Isthmia. Isthmia was a place of worship, dedicated to Poseidon, and in his honor were held every two years athletic games.

You can climb to the castle of Acrocorinth. At his foothills was built Ancient Corinth, a city that played a significant part to the development of Ancient Greece. You can walk to the archaeological site next to the  imposing temple of Apollo, and it’s worth climbing up to the top where you will find the ruins of the ancient temple of Aphrodite.

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